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The Dent Professional Development Advantage

Why DE Professional Development?

Our professional development sessions are not intended to supplant any existing mental health services currently being offered by organization’s Employee Assistance Programs. We are advocates for mental healthcare and strongly encourage employees to seek counseling from a licensed mental health expert whenever needed; however, we also recognize that mental healthcare is still relatively new, especially in communities of color. The issues facing students and their families are often systemic. COVID-19 has left an overwhelming need for social-emotional supports to help educators and other professionals serving children and families effectively respond to and deal with mental health related issues.

Whole group professional development sessions remove the stigma often associated with counseling; it also allows us to address issues and problems that are happening on a larger scale and equip staff with a group-think approach and perspective from which to respond to issues they may face with their students.

The 4 C’s of Social-Emotional Resilience

Casting Vision

We help create a vision to guide educators to success.

We help educators create and cast a vision, not only for their classroom, but for their career and their life. Have a vision for life helps to build resiliency when traumatic events occur. Vision provides a point of reference that allows us to get back on track and push forward.

Capacity Building

We pride ourselves in delivering the best education possible to our students.

What knowledge, skills or abilities do you need to develop and deploy in order to maximize your potential? We help participants identify and explore the areas of their lives where they may need to build capacity in order to overcome past trauma and pain.

Cultivating Relationships

We help participants identify the relationships in their lives that need to be nurtured.

We touch on the seven major relationships of our lives—our relationship with our faith, our reflection, our future, our finances, our family, our friends, and our frenemies. By identifying the key people within each of these relationships, we help participants create a framework for healthy relationship building.


You will be welcomed into a thriving student-led learning environment.

Effective communication is critical if we are to accomplish any of the other C’s of social-emotional resilience. We walk participants through the five steps of communication and help them remove barriers that prevent us from effectively hearing what others are saying to us and responding in a manner that cultivates relationships, builds our emotional capacity and effectively casts vision for their future.

Who We Serve

We have a segmented customer base consisting of:

  • School districts (teachers, parent coordinators, social workers, administrators, staff)
  • Juvenile justice systems (Parole officers)
  • Faith-based organizations (church youth ministry leaders and volunteer staff)
  • Community-based organizations (e.g. Boys & Girls Clubs Site Directors, staff)

Value Proposition for NLP

Professional development to help schools and organizations that serve students and their families to build their social-emotional capacity and effectively respond to post traumatic stress triggered behaviors with students and families served.

We help teachers build social-emotional capacity to improve their practice and improve student outcomes.

We equip educators to identify mental health crises and effectively respond and refer students to get the mental health help they need to help improve student outcomes

We provide the tools and skills needed to help educators connect with and communicate with students and families experiencing post-traumatic stress and other mental health and wellness issues to improve student outcomes.