Who Is New Level Parenting Academy?

New Level Parenting was created to help schools, faith-based and community based organization successfully engage parents in the social-emotional development process for their children. We create intentional community for parents and organizations to help develop and reinforce health social-emotional behavior.

We train parent coordinators, liaisons, clergy, youth ministers and staff on the five pillars of social emotional health. Through our 2-day hands on, interactive professional development, we equip them with tools and strategies to better engage with the youth serve and their parents.

Parents drive the vision for their family and help their children develop healthy self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships, and responsible decision-making skills. By help parents better self-actualize in these areas, they are able to better build these skills with their children in the home. Parents are their child’s first teachers and the first to model behaviors—good or bad.

By equipping staff to better understand and model healthy social-emotional habits, they are able to reinforce habits with the youth they serve and engage with parents to help them develop and model these behaviors.

“We have the power to write our own story. Write one that your children will want to read.”

Goals of New Level Parenting:


Parents lay the foundation for healthy relationships and are the cornerstone upon which social and emotional learning practices are built. New Level Parenting collaborates with faith and community-based organizations to help parents develop healthy social and emotional habits that they, in turn, transfer to their children. We believe that strong parents raise strong children and create strong families. Strong families are the foundation for strong communities. Dent Enterprises New Level Parenting helps transform our communities, one family at a time.