Parents are Children’s Primary Teachers

So We Need to get this Right

How we equip our children at home impacts their performance in school, in the community and in the workforce. Youth born after 2000 have been labeled the “i-Generation” and have been characterized as the most socially connected, yet relational inept generation in history. They lack the team building and conflict resolution skills vital for success in today’s collaborative learning and work environments.

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A Proven Solution for Schools and Juvenile Justice Organizations

We are an Parenting support partner for Mobile County Public School System, the largest public school system in the State of Alabama. Over the past ten years, we have delivered parenting curriculum in K-12 schools throughout the District. Our program meets Title I parent engagement requirements and has been approved for all grade levels.

We also partner with Judge Edmond G. Naman and Strickland Youth Detention Center to provide parenting supports for families who have children facing various challenges in the legal system.

Additionally, we partner with organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Wilmer Hall to support their families through education around workforce development and other life skills.

We maintain data on participants to help your school or organization meet its Parenting Engagement goals and provide baseline data for grants and other funding opportunities for your school or organization.